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Five Reasons To Consider Stop Motion For Your Brand

1. Custom, Custom, Custom!

Anything is on the table, literately. If you can dream it we can make it happen. Need to go to space for your campaign? No problem! What about a mountaintop? Easy! Does your main character need to fly? Sure! Stop-motion animation is a great way to make the impossible happen.

2. Stand Out From The Crowd

Stop-motion gets noticed. In a day and age where consumers are getting blasted with ads and content non-stop, it's important to give them something actually interesting to watch!

3. Cost-Effective Wild Ideas

Often times it's much more cost-effective to approach wild story-telling with stop-motion. When creating stop-motion animations we forgo many of the logistical challenges involved with a live-action production. We eliminate many of the costs associated with on-location filming. Sets, characters, and props are also smaller in size, costing less to manufacture.

4. Hand Crafted Charm

Stop-motion animation is one of the oldest forms of animation, and it has a unique charm that comes from its hand-crafted quality. Stop-motion animation is created by taking individual photos of a physical object and then assembling them together to create a seamless animation. The charm of stop-motion animation comes from the time and effort that goes into creating each individual frame, which results in a truly unique and captivating audience experience.

5. Completely Remote Production

We're a fully kitted out stop-motion studio with all the bells and whistles to bring your idea to life from start to finish. We craft everything under one roof which makes stop-motion a piece of cake in a logistical sense. 

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Are you intrigued by stop-motion?

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