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the burger

Oxburger studios has been cooking up creative films, graphics, and advertising for a while now! Our instinctively unique work has racked up millions of views on the internet and has been featured in numerous print and digital publications. We pride ourselves on our work ethic and our drive to step beyond for our clients and collaborators. We love to foster ideas and transform them into truly useful and meaningful final products that help brands, events, and organizations build their voices and tell their stories. We create by the beat of our own drum and try to sprinkle in as much of our own quirky flair as the project will allow. We’re fun-loving outdoor people that aren’t afraid to strap tripods to our backs and bike for miles into the woods to get a few shots. On the same note, you can find us just as comfortable in our stop-motion studio bringing wild ideas to life one frame at a time. Our love of life, community, and the outdoors is infectious to all parts of our creative endeavors and we love to work alongside other people and brands that align with our values.

The name Oxburger Studios is a fun reflection of the nature of our studio itself. Our philosophy behind our creative endeavors is that everything we create is made up of a variety of different and dynamic pieces, parts, and aspects. Each of those having their own uniqueness and qualities but then come together to make something even better than what they could ever be on their own. Very similar to how a delicious burger is made from many different ingredients that come together. Plus we just love burgers so the name just works!


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Devon Brown

Director / animator / VideographER

Devon's been behind a camera for more than half his life. Honing his storytelling and technical skills has been his never-ending pursuit. Putting all that knowledge to use making films for personal projects and clients brings him much joy.

Although the films have changed from what they were like when he was growing up, Devon has insisted on keeping the Tupperware containers full of costumes, because you never know when you might need grandma's old blouse or a fake beard!

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Stephanie Brown

logistics / animator / VideographER

Stephanie has years of field experience working in outdoor environments leading and guiding groups in different outdoor activities, making her the queen of all things logistics. She also spends her time in the animation studio and out in the field as a videographer. 


A perfect day involves time spent in the garden and time spent out on the trails on one of her many different bikes. You'll often see her shredding almost everything on her gravel bike though. Drop bars and a loaded pannier makes any trail at least 15.8% more interesting.




studio dog / adventure buddy

Even though she is usually the last one out of bed in the morning, Luna keeps us in check throughout the rest of the day. She will be the first one to let us know that we're spending too much time in front of a computer screen and not enough time outside exploring or playing fetch. She slays the singletrack with grace and loves shoving food in her face.   

brands we've worked with

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I've had the pleasure of working with Devon Brown and the Oxburger Studios team on several stop-motion animation projects for The LEGO Group. Devon's team is creative, collaborative, and client-oriented. There are no surprises when working with Devon, he is a great communicator and always delivers what he pitches. I always look forward to working the Devon and his team.



I recently worked with Oxburger studios on a short video to showcase the story of my Edmonton-based Family business. The process was seamless, professional, and fast. But most importantly, the outcome exceeded all of my expectations!

The video brought out all of the emotions that I was hoping to capture, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bring a tear to my eye.

I can’t thank them enough for helping with this project and I can’t wait to work with them again.


Revolution Cycle

let's get working on something for you!

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