A bit about us

Here at Oxburger Studios, we offer a delicious spread of creative services to help brands, events, and organizations build their voices and tell their stories. By creating an atmosphere where stop-motion, videography, graphic design, and photography combine under one roof, we’re able to make the creative process as smooth as possible. Our main goal is to make sure you’re well looked after, and all the bases are covered. Whether you’re looking at hiring us for just one service or looking at more, just know that it’s our utmost goal to create something that’s cohesive, compelling, intentional, and achieves your goals.

Our deep passion for the outdoors and adventure also drives what we do here at Oxburger Studios. We love the outdoor adventure industry and have built a strong understanding of its ins and outs. Not only that, but we’re also well equipped to venture into the outdoors for filming and photo missions enabling us to capture awesome footage, photos and stories from the skill hill in the winter to the single-track in the summer. In saying that though, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we work exclusively with brands that are directly related to the outdoors and outdoor experience industry. We love to work with anyone that shares our love and respect for nature and a good adventure! We believe that our unique approach and our knack for creating films and visuals inspired by adventure in the outdoors can be a fantastic asset to all kinds of businesses, events, and projects.


We’re a husband and wife duo joined by our dog Luna and our myriad of talented friends who join into projects when the duty calls. We’re straight shooter, get things done right kind of people who won’t let you down. We're ready to get to work, have fun, and create lasting films and visuals that mean something to you and to us. From the mountain peaks to our Edmonton based studio, and all the places in between, we're ready to get to work to make something awesome.

behind the name

The name Oxburger Studios is a fun reflection of the nature of our studio itself. Our philosophy behind our creative endeavors is that everything we create is made up of a variety of different and dynamic pieces, parts, and aspects. Each of those having their own uniqueness and qualities but then come together to make something even better than what they could ever be on their own. Very similar to how a delicious burger is made from many different ingredients that come together. Plus we just love burgers so the name just works! 

Devon Brown

Devon has been making movies, designing, and creating stop-motion shorts for over a decade now and has the experience to show for it. He believes in treating people fairly, being approachable, and working hard no matter who the client is. Devon is ready to put the work in for you, whether that's in the studio, or out in the woods, he knows what a long day means and knows how important they are to making great films and visuals for his clients. 

Stephanie Brown

Stephanie became an important piece of Oxburger Studios back when she first started dating Devon. Since then she has been working hard as a second shooter, co-visionary, and producer. Stephanie keeps things on track and makes sure we're going the direction we need to be going! She's always ready to put in the hard work and her background in the outdoor adventure field as a guide has been a huge asset in planning and executing shoots in the wilderness. 

Based in

Edmonton AB


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