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stop-motion animation

advertisements - sketches - social

A handcrafted, completely custom world only limited by imagination. It's all captured frame by frame and strung together to tell your story, share your message, or show your product in a way that can't be done with live-action. Stop-Motion animation can be created to be a completely standalone video, or created to seamlessly integrate into a live-action video. Either way, a stop-motion animation stands out from the crowd, turns heads and begs to be re-watched over and over.

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films & Videography

mini docs - sketches - advertisements

We capture stunning and intentional footage while seeking out those little details and unique features of the subject matter to tell a story or showcase a product in an authentic and captivating way. We strive to produce the kind of videos that still get pulled up to watch years after their release. We've equipped ourselves with the gear that we can haul with us into the woods and the mountains to capture authentic footage and stories from the great outdoors. We also have a medium size studio space outfitted with lighting, backdrops, and props to bring certain ideas to life.

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design & Extras

release campaigns - merch - identity

Accompanying design assets that make projects pop!  We're all about embracing those extra little details and have a lot of design tricks up our sleeve to build into projects and beyond. Need a t-shirt designed for the release of your film? What about social media posts? Our past experience in the graphic design world allows us to offer a unique approach to integrating design into production. 

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the process

consultation & pre-production

We determine what the client needs, what the goals of the project are, and then draft a plan that will achieve those goals. We call this plan the project scope. This process can include storyboarding, scriptwriting, pre-visualization, set construction (for stop-motion), and character design depending on the demands of the project. 


Depending on what we're working on we get busy capturing the visuals, audio, and/or stop-motion animation. This takes place either out in the field or in our studio depending on the demands and nature of the project. We are equipped to shoot in 4k with our arsenal of beautiful lenses, lighting, and rigging suitable for many different shot requirements. As far as stop-motion goes we are equipped with all of the unique tools necessary to produce professional-quality stop-motion animation.


Projects truly come to life during the post-production stage. Raw footage or animation starts shaping into a coherent piece and the visual identity of the project emerges fully. This process can include voiceover, colour grading, sound design, title design, and VFX.


We deliver the final master files, as well as any agreed-upon assets such as social media reframes/cutdowns, thumbnail files, posters, and other release campaign related material. Depending on the theme and the nature of the project we can do our part to help promote it. Sending it to our network of contacts at various magazines and websites to promote online, and beyond. We're proud of our work and love to promote it alongside our clients when the nature of the work allows for it.


Need more? Let's call on the crew!

At Oxburger Studios we work with many other creatives working in the outdoor industry including photographers, videographers, web designers, and screen printers to name a few. We’d be happy to put together a crew that will literally and figuratively climb mountains to make magic happen for your project.

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