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Case Study

LEGO Limitless Shorts

For the LEGO Group

We were hired by the LEGO Group to create 3 stop-motion shorts that featured only Classic bricks and showcased some creatively incorporated brick building in the videos. It was a fun challenge to build models and environments with a limited pallet of bricks!


The ideas that we arrived at pulled heavily from our love of outdoor adventure and it was a real treat to share some of that passion on this global campaign. Squeezing a skiing backflip and daffy into the project was the icing on the cake.

While the videos are made from stop-motion animation at their cores, they really came to life in After Effects via compositing. With the deadlines as tight as they were, this gave us the most amount of flexibility and allowed us to really fine tune each video and pack as much fun into them as possible.

Have a project? We can bring it to life with stop-motion!

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